Friday, October 8, 2010

A few thoughts from Turkey after the Exchange

I thank to Adelina for all the efforts she put forth during this very meaningful project.

Firstly, I appreciate the subject of the project, as well as the fun-filled energizers, cultural nights, the fair, and the good friendships I will maintain all my life. Your doing the honors and your hospitality have been very valuable.

All the days in Romania gave us experiences to work groups; through shared thoughts, feelings, emotions; which allowed us to build trust, long term relationships and communication; increasingly effective at integrating the participants from different European countries.

A truly enjoyable memorable Youth Exchange - an absolute pleasure to deliver!

Wishing you all the best! And I’m looking forward to see you in Istanbul, Turkey.

Lots of kisses and hugs…


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Unknown said...

Derya has a point. This project was apparently a very meaningful one which enlarged the perspectives of the people who participated in it. I would like to congratulate everybody who took part in this excellent project.


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