Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"A real success! " words from Boomer

We have left for 5 countries, with different native languages, different social backgrounds, different cultures, different perspectives, but all eager to socialize, to have a lot of fun, and of course, to learn new things.

It didn't take us more than one day to get friends. The activities we were supposed to take part in permit us to combine fun with work.

This was the way "the exchange" has begun, and we may say it was a great start. During those awesome days, i had the chances to build relationships with people from all around the world, to learn their cultures, their language, to work together as one ...and last but not list to have plenty of good time.

A sign from God was sent to us in the last day ...when the car that was supposed to drive us home couldn't live that place ...due to a problem. This little incident permitted us to spend some more wonderful moments together in order to make the trip the best we've ever have.

And as a last request from Boomer is one of the project's hits: Parazitii - Arde

Lots of hugs and kisses,
Vlad aka Boomer

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Greetings from Greece

Hello everybody!

My name is Dimitris and I was the leader of the Greek group that participated in the wonderful youth exchange that Adelina organized in Romania!

So, what can I say about the program..? That it was great? That everybody enjoyed it fully? That we all learned a lot of new things and shared our experiences with each other? Of course all these are true and I think that everybody shares my opinion.

It was really a unique experience and although I have participated in many youth exchanges, I can say with confidence that this was one of the best!

So, thank you Adelina and all the other people for this beautiful experience and hopefully we can meet again in another youth project some day! : )


P.S.: The greetings from Greece can't be complete without the already famous song of the project - Goin Through - Poso Malakas Eisai (song added by the Romanian group :P)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Czech experience.....to share

Have you ever thought that in 8 days you can integrate 6 nations? Probably nobody believed in that …
Six nations have met here to spend some time together and develop their knowledge about discrimination.
And even if the weather appeared to be problem at the beginning, they managed to keep our mood at great level anyway.
Thank you all the people there and especially thanks to the unbelievable fantastic close-knit team – the Romanian group!
We are happy we could spent time of our live with you!

........And we have „NEVER EVER“ been drunk in romanian youth exchange ha ha:-)
Czech group (+ ½ of the czech citizen - Martin)

A few thoughts from Turkey after the Exchange

I thank to Adelina for all the efforts she put forth during this very meaningful project.

Firstly, I appreciate the subject of the project, as well as the fun-filled energizers, cultural nights, the fair, and the good friendships I will maintain all my life. Your doing the honors and your hospitality have been very valuable.

All the days in Romania gave us experiences to work groups; through shared thoughts, feelings, emotions; which allowed us to build trust, long term relationships and communication; increasingly effective at integrating the participants from different European countries.

A truly enjoyable memorable Youth Exchange - an absolute pleasure to deliver!

Wishing you all the best! And I’m looking forward to see you in Istanbul, Turkey.

Lots of kisses and hugs…

Derya Y├ľNDEM

Thursday, October 7, 2010

DIscrimination - the key word of the century is over, but new projects will start

The 10 days of the project have passed, the project is over, all the activities planned done and a few extra also. Many friendships have been initiated and hopefully will go stronger in time. A lot of future projects have been discussed and its only up to us from now on to make a difference and to act, not only plan.

The first days after the project were really sad as people started to arrive home, back to their daily lives, away from all the other 35 people that they had around for 10 days. I must confessed I shared the feeling, but I am confident that this will only motivate people to keep their word and respect their promises of futures projects and initiatives.

For many of the participants this was their first Youth in Action Exchange and I'm happy that I was the one to facilitate this experience and give them a taste of what an youth exchange is all about. I really hope that the objectives of raising awareness on discrimination were reached and all of the participants will try to make a difference in their community.

For My Child My Heart Association this project was a starting point of many projects to follow and I would like to thank all of the people that trusted us to get the job done.

Discrimination Event - - Sept 4th, 2010

First I would like to thank the lovely children that allowed us a few hours of their time and we send it in a fun way. We had children with Down Syndrome and Autistic from "Salut Prieteni" Association Pascani, but also young football players, in their training camp.

We started the Event by dividing all the children and the project's participants in 7 teams, to go for a treasure hunt, with different routs to find clews and hints that lead them at the end to a piece of the Antidiscrimination Puzzle.

The experience of working with children with fewer opportunities, but also without any worries was touching for all participants. Especially when they all tried to teach the foreigners a Romanian children song: "Un elefant se legana"

We also did drawing on the ground, on balloons and finished the activities with a Pinguin Dance, where everyone did the already famous steps - 2 to the right, 2 to the left, jump in front, jump in the back and 2 in the front and again and again...

Monday, August 23, 2010

New partner from Turkey...

As the Spanish partner couldn't attend this project anymore we spoke to some friends of ours from Turkey to come in their place and join the anti-discrimination group.

So we will have at the project participants from the Turkish Association Adventurer Peace Pigeons, that are excited of coming to Romania and be apart of this project.

7 days to go until the beginning of the youth exchange....let the Party Start!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The project has started...let the games begin

I’m happy that the project I planned more then half a year ago started, on a bumpy road, true, but with a lot of satisfactions at the end.

So on July 1st, 2010 the project Discrimination – the key word of the century started its activities.

As planned it all begin with the APV – advanced planning visit.

It already took place, during July 9th -11th, 2010, so the good memories are starting to pile up. We had some good times playing "never ever" with tuica, also known by the participants as diesel, the amazing times spent at Sihastrie Monastery, where we eat lunch and visited the surroundings and many more moments, that hopefully the participants will share with you all.

I leave you with some pictures of the most important moments during this fantastic weekend:



And some work....

At the reservation..eating romanian traditional pies..poale'n brau


And laughing some more...

Eating at the Monastery...good food, wine, tea

Some sport...the boys couldn't help playing some football on such a field

To be continued...