Friday, July 23, 2010

The project has started...let the games begin

I’m happy that the project I planned more then half a year ago started, on a bumpy road, true, but with a lot of satisfactions at the end.

So on July 1st, 2010 the project Discrimination – the key word of the century started its activities.

As planned it all begin with the APV – advanced planning visit.

It already took place, during July 9th -11th, 2010, so the good memories are starting to pile up. We had some good times playing "never ever" with tuica, also known by the participants as diesel, the amazing times spent at Sihastrie Monastery, where we eat lunch and visited the surroundings and many more moments, that hopefully the participants will share with you all.

I leave you with some pictures of the most important moments during this fantastic weekend:



And some work....

At the reservation..eating romanian traditional pies..poale'n brau


And laughing some more...

Eating at the Monastery...good food, wine, tea

Some sport...the boys couldn't help playing some football on such a field

To be continued...

The project

Discrimination – the key word of the century is a multilateral youth exchange, involving 6 promoters from: Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, organized by My Child My Heart Association, through Youth in Action Program.

The project is promoting active youth participation, by combating discrimination and social exclusion using public manifestations as the main tool. 36 youngsters will work together preparing an event about this theme, inspired from there daily lives and the activities they will do during the project, in order to raise awareness in the community about the above stated key issue.

The project is structured in 2 parts: advanced planning visit (APV) and the youth exchange.

All of the activities will take place in Muncel Camp. The APV was during July 9th -11th, 2010, for the group leaders to know the facilities, accommodation and eating conditions, to establish the last details regarding the activities and logistics.

This is a preparation of the youth exchange that will take place during August 30th – September 8th, 2010. The youth exchange is planned in such a manner that the participants will have workshops and debates on discrimination, but also sessions to organize a public event, to raise awareness in the community on situation of discrimination. They will organize and decide regarding the activities and objects used at the event.

So far in organizing this exchange I’ve already confronted a lot of life learning situations so..just let the games begin!